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Your RFID Journey - Your RFID Number


This is what IBM is up today.

Radio-Frequency I.D. (RFID) Tags Are Being Use to Track Many Things Today

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From underwear to security badges to people and they are causing a horrific erosion of privacy. Tracking people with smart tags, their shopping preferences, their activities, and their personal belongings sounds like something from a sci-fi thriller. But Walmart's decision to track your undies via RFID smart tags proves we are encased in a RFID Revolution, cradle-to-grave surveillance system and with Wal-Mart publicly embracing RFID, you'll see other retailers quickly fall in line as well.



"Spychips" are being used to track the whereabouts of citizens who have no idea they are being tracked. RFID chips are already embedded into passports. RFID transponders can be embedded as a subdermal microchip implant.


Microsoft has HealthVault and Google has Google Health for e-health record management services and both are pushing for RFID medical bracelets. RFID in the guise of VeriChip implants were given to hundreds of Alzheimer’s patients to help identify them and notify caregivers in case of an emergency.


Since 2008, RFID infant protection systems have been placed on some infants at birth to prevent them from being abducted from the hospital or from being given to the wrong mother. First we all need to realize that regardless of the container rather in a card, implant, ankle bracelet, tattoo, etc.


RFID is RFID and when you combine your personal information with RFID well, the results are the same. You can be monitored, tracked, and ultimately controlled. Why would anyone want to voluntarily be placed under such conditions? The list is long and growing everyday as the RFID road narrows us into submission by the ones who are preparing the list. Comfort, convenience, and security is at the forefront of the reasoning for their list.


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Why Would You Reject a National ID with RFID and Accept a Passport with RFID

When the numbering, database tracking, and control capabilities are exactly the same? Of course the answer is to travel and as the lines are being drawn in the sand before us - people who choose to cross that line cross it for, you guested it, Comfort and Convenience, as they submit to government mandates for Security. There is a on going process of easing us across our personal lines we have drawn in the sand. So, when will you reject the Comfort, Convenience, and Security of this Luciferian Conspiracy and their RFID database system and choose to suffer the consequences of that choice.



I Have a Couple of Questions


1. If you have surrendered your personal information, signed on the dotted line to join this Global RFID system and accepted your 16 digit RFID number, when the antichrist is revealed, what other Luciferian Initiation will he force you to pledge allegiance to? If you know of another response to this question Please do tell me, for now it seems to me he is way too close to having you.


2. If you have joined this global RFID database system how do you get out, before or during the antichrist reign? This is a Global RFID database system that will be under the power of the man of perdition himself who will care less about you, your rights or your freedoms. You will have no control over it and the one who controls the database will control the world.


So far no one has emailed me with the answers I need to "With a clear conscience" join up for this system - now or anytime in the future. Yes, I personally reject all RFID's and the databases they create and the spider web that the Globalist are using to encircle us. Soon rejecting the RFID database will mean being removed from all privileges of it.


You will be breaking many of the Laws of the land, a outcast for refusing to join because of personal views or beliefs. You will be locked down, unable to travel, unable to "Buy or Sell", publicly hold a job, legally drive a car or function as a normal citizen. Believe it or not, you can be voluntarily coerced (manipulated) to into the same system as the Implant, in fact most people will.


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When the RFID System is Fully Implemented at Wal-Mart

There will no longer be a need for cashiers or money because everything will have RFID chips in or on them including you (if you choose to accept it). In this cashless system in order to purchase anything you will need to carry a RFID card, or worse and all items will have RFID tags. IBM "The Solutions Company" was employed by Adolf Hitler to track down the Jewish bloodline using IBM's Hollerith tabulator.


Which cranked out the census lists of Jews, which were turned over to the SS to streamline deportations to concentration camps and also used in upgrading the efficiency of the Reichsbahn system of railroads. IBM significantly advanced the Nazi efforts to exterminate Jewry. What's IBM up to today? You can watch a IBM commercial explaining it in real time here. The Microchip Implant is not necessary for the system in the IBM commercial above to function properly.


All that is required is a RFID card sporting your individual 16 digit number and it will work like a dream. Although when the time comes to force RFID on those who reject it, like the Nazi tattoo, the Implant would probably be the preferred method of implementation. It's not the Implant that posses all the dangers to our Freedoms and Liberties but the RFID microchip that's inside it.


The census of 2010 was a United Nations census designed to combine your location on earth with your RFID number using GPS satellite technology to position you and your family in their system, The UN PDF link is here. RFID is coming at us from all sides now and soon you will need RFID on you to buy your food and commodities through Wal-Mart. RFID on Wal-Mart items is one thing, RFID attached to me, Well that's another story altogether, I reject it, Will you?


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