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Choose This Day Who You Will Serve - The United Nations or God

The Global Choice of Servitude

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Global Government and the Luciferian Conspiracy of the Convenience Trap

The bible is clear, it is not possible to receive the Mark of the Beast until the son of perdition takes power and this website is not about prematurely taking the Mark but rather it is about joining his system before his revealing. Yes, there is a difference but not a truly sustainable one as this RFID system will not be, the place to be, when the man of sin takes power, you will be under his control (in his system) at his revealing. If it's not the Mark of the Beast at this time then what is it? Its two trains on the same track in collision form, a Humanistic, Atheistic, Socialist system which takes the place of God and assumes the role of provider, controlling the actions of mankind on a Global level. The control factor for this system is RFID.


Everything and everyone will be required to have a number in order to function within this system. This "AntiChrist" system is in direct conflict with God on all levels, Fox News BeliefNet and the Baha'i religion of the United Nations proclaims all belief's to be equal. It's called Interfaithism, it is an Abomination before God and to choose to follow this Global Socialist system of control over God is an Abomination as well. Rather you are a follower of the Bible's teachings or a skeptic this important information will establish a sustainable step by step guide into the system being developed to encircle you and your family as you are herded you into the corral by those who are in control of this powerful world changing tool called "Money" and it's being done through the convergence of database information using RFID technology.


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Does It Matter Rather the RFID Instrument Used is In a Glass Implant

Or in a Plastic card when the results are the exactly the same? Surf this site, read the information gathered here and then you decide. This Mandated Governmental control system is operating above all the sovereign nations and their laws using various ID cards along with a combination of Global RFID databases to control society on a Global level. It's amazing how prophecies unfold when God's timing Intersects with His promises. The comfort, convenience, and security of this world are directly associated with God's prophecies as they unfold before us in these final days.


Whoever controls the money controls the world and as the very wealthy Globalist ratchet down on us "Money will be the main tool used to place the us into the position of servitude. Control perfected on a Global level and it will all be accomplished through RFID technology using a cashless system. We are completely controlled by one thing and regardless of where you live on this earth the controlling factor is the same "Money". Today a persons value is measured by this thing called "Money". The more you have the higher your status with more opportunities for advancement. Even churches and Ministries depend on "Money" to survive. The bottom line is more money means more freedom and to be elite in this society means to be wealthy.


Baron M.A. Rothschild said:

"Give Me Control Over a Nations Currency, and I Care Not Who Makes Its Laws.”


Matthew 6: 24 says

"No one can serve two masters. You will hate one and love the other
or will follow one and refuse the other. You cannot serve both God and money"

Whoever controls this cashless RFID Database "Will" control the world...


The UN Plot to Confiscate Civilian Weapons - Weapons Control, your Choices and your Responsibilities
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