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Possible Scenarios for RFID Microchip Implantation 

Although there are many possible scenarios on how RFID implants can be implemented they are all derived from just two... James Paul Warburg said it best on February 17, 1950 when addressing the United States Senate stating: “We shall have World Government - whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” These abrasive words still ring true and paraphrasing the Oligarchy today they are simply saying this: Ok, you have 2 choices concerning RFID, take your pick, but we have you either way.


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In America, rather conquest or consent, the scenario of RFID to control

its citizenry begins with the National ID/Social Security card, which when fully implemented will be used for everything from government subsidies to driving to banking and if allowed to mature unabated, it will take the progressive route of easing us into the system. The longer it is drawn out, the less resistance there will be to it. The Oligarchy, like politicians would prefer diplomacy concerning RFID and they would much rather corral us slowly over time as not to alarm the populace, but they are getting antsy, they can see their long anticipated goal just ahead and their prize of domination is in site.


This scenario of consent is probably the most plausible but it will only work if the process of conversion from cash to cashless is allowed to mature without interruption, but once it is firmly enacted it could move very swiftly, as soon as 18 months under current government regulations. The process could advance much quicker and it's not impossible for it to happen overnight. American's could wake up one morning under Martial Law, if you need to learn more about Marital Law click here, how could this happen? There are many scenarios available today and for most of the world it would simply be by a declaration from their government or dictator.


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Martial Law in the United States of America would be from one seasoned word "Crisis"

and there are many scenarios for "Crisis" as well. One is the uncontrollable civil unrest from US citizenry who are uprising against the dictates of their government because they no longer have the ability to control it. The uprising of US citizens is possible but not likely because America is a spoiled nation by design and most have become very comfortable in their corral. American's have been groomed to be both favored as a nation and hated as a people by the Oligarchy and although the resources of America are top priority to them, the citizenry are not, only disposable resources.


The scenario of World War 3 is the most plausible scenario for overnight Marital Law. Example: The US or Israel strikes Iran which brings retaliation of dirty bombs and/or suicide bombers on US soil. The doors of Freedom would instantly close and over night the Oligarchy would take possession of America through the declaration of Presidential Executive Orders under Martial Law. Under Martial Law the scenario of chip implantation and tyranny would be without restraint and rather by the normal process of progressive implementation, aka RFID in a card, or through the tyranny of Martial Law by America's Spiderweb of Government, RFID would be center stage.


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Rather by Conquest or Consent the endgame of Lucifer's Adam, the Antichrist

will burst out onto the world scene with Great Wrath, a time of Helter Skelter, Order out of Chaos as he makes war against all who have made the personal choice to reject him. A time of Luciferian Initiation into the New Age and at that time the controlling arm of the RFID database system will be putty in his hands. For the Christian it will be a time of Great Tribulation, the man of sin, the son of perdition. Scripture says it will be cut short and in the end all the powers behind this Global Empire system will come to their end. Revelation 16: 16, their Grand Finale, read it sometime.


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